"A story (4)"

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I didn’t exist. A moment later I was there. I couldn’t know how it was possible, but I was alive. The first thing I saw was a white marble table in front on me.
I tried to move myself, but I couldn’t. I tried to shout, but nothing came out. I was full of fear, but I couldn’t tremble. A couple of minutes later, a human being came toward me. He touched me. Suddenly in my mind there were billions of numbers. In that moment I understood : I was a computer. (Simone C.)
I couldn’t make out how it was possible that I knew so many things but I didn't not how to came out of this laptop.I needed to calm down; then through my camera I noticed that the man before me had a badge on: his name was David.I had to do something , but I didn’t know how, so I desperately started writing:“HI DAVID!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!”. As soon as he read it, he seemed a kind of puzzled, then he asked his friend next to him: "Hey Jarret, is it you who has written this on my computer?”-“no dude, no-one has touched your computer” he answered. In that moment I understood that not only I could write human language, but I could also understand it.”Now everything is easier than before” I thought.“But still, I don’t know how to come out of this computer!”. (Federico T.)
So there I was imprisoned in that box. I had tried to communicate with David in any possible way, but unsuccessfully. After a week I gave up. I had no idea about what to do, but maybe someone else knew. I needed to understand what had happened to me, then, eventually, I came across an article: “Creating an artificial intelligence with a human soul will be experienced in 3000”. It was about....ME. While David was using the computer, I opened the window where the article was. He startled. I wrote on the desktop: “READ IT”. He was puzzled, but he did it . Now he could understand. He knew I was in, he knew I was alive. I saw a shred of hope. He looked thoughtful, but I was confident now he could so something to set me free.
Two years before ( December 2999) three scientists David Lynn, Jarret Gold and Andrew Someric had started to work on the challenging project of re-creating an artificial intelligence with a human soul(Esposito L.), but it seems something had gone wrong and they had to give up the experiment. I was that human soul ! I almost cried with joy. "Don’t worry, I’ll help you” David said. He unplugged me. After a while I found myself in another office. A different person was now watching the monitor. I felt like I had already seen him. Yes, I already had. He was in the article, he was Andrew Someric. He screamed “THERE HE IS! THERE HE IS!”. The two other men went to look at the monitor. They stared at me for while, without saying a word. I broke that silence and asked: “Can you see me?”. They all nodded their heads. "Can you remember your name?" they asked. "Oh, yes, my name is Brian Morris". They gave a quicked looked at each other and muttered something, which I couldn't understand. Their faces had become very serious. It took a while before they said a word, then one of them told me I had been found dead in my house at Washington St. 4 weeks before. "Dead?" I could not believe my ears. They had a gentle tone now: "Don't worry! Relax! We'll get you out of the computer. It's over, Brian!" He was right, it was over. One guy said: “It’s time”, while another pointed a gun at the computer and shot. These were the last words I could remember. However, before they destroyed the computer, I had recorded my story, that is why you have been able to read it. I have just one more thing to tell you: they managed to destroy the computer, but not my soul, my soul..... is right there.....with you.