Date Announcement Classroom Short description Last
16/04/2022 The Dreadful Tall Man
(story 1)
First Grade It was winter. One quiet evening like many others. Soon after dinner, I left home for my usual walk with my dog. How strange! I noticed that there was nobody around. It was very dark and windy. ..... continue reading LEONARDO L.
16/04/2022 The House Party (story 2) First Grade The day had come. Nick and Bob's parents had just left and the two started to arrange the house for the evening party. As soon as they finished, the first friends started to arrive and shortly after ..... continue reading BEATRICE B.
16/04/2022 The Delivery Boy (story
First Grade I work in a pizzeria and I am the delivery boy. My boss called me to give me the address of the drop, so I got on my scooter. I didn't know where the street was, so I checked on Google maps.Nothing. ..... continue reading FEDERICO E.
16/04/2022 The Ghastly Hospital
(Story 1)
Second Grade In a remote town near Dahlonega, Georgia, there was a boy named Shon. He was a tall boy, physically strong, but above all, he was very brave and he liked to venture into very scary places with his ..... continue reading SARA E.
16/04/2022 The Cursed Plane (Story
Second Grade It was a freezy December day when Mark , a 25 year old boy from Toronto, took that plane. He had decided to take a couple of days off to visit his family in Canada for Christmas holidays. The flight ..... continue reading NICOLò N.
16/04/2022 The Sound of Silence
(Story 3)
Second Grade It was evening. I was on the sofa trying to read a book, when I felt like somebody was watching me. I slowly turned my head: "Is there anybody here?" I whispered. No-one answered. I remained silent ..... continue reading LIVIA Z.
22/04/2020 Story 1 Secrets and Lies First Grade Mrs Amanda lay on the ground in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife in her hand. This was the scene that Inspector White saw, when he entered in the Smiths' kitchen. A few months earlier Mrs Amanda ..... continue reading BEATRICE R.
14/04/2020 Story I 4B Fourth Grade My life had been happy till that day. I had a good job, an adorable family and I didn't have too many thoughts. Then in a few seconds I lost everything I had lived for; everything I had fought for. I ..... continue reading ELEANORA S.
14/04/2020 Story 2 4B Fourth Grade John hates night shifts at the police district. Yor are forced to drive alone for hours waiting for some news that always turns out to be something bad. It was around 3:30 AM when a strange ..... continue reading FRANCESCO P.
13/04/2020 Story 2 1a First Grade Mr. Johnson decided to go out for a walk in the middle of the night and took his dog Rusty with him. It was almost 1 am and no one was around. Very few people were outside at that time of the night ..... continue reading CATERINA B.
13/04/2020 Stoty 3 1A Another case
for Mr Hunter
First Grade It was an amazing morning and the view from my 14th floor on a blooming Central Park was awesome. I usually checked my morning mails while I was drinking my black coffee, before going out for my ..... continue reading SIMONE V.
29/03/2020 Story 2 2A Second Grade It was a dark and mysterious day in September and my son hadn't returned yet. My husband was at work, so I was all alone at home. It was very cold inside the house, so I went out to get some wood ..... continue reading ALESSIO T.
29/03/2020 Story 3 2A Second Grade The day was cloudy and sad. The sky was dark altought it was 10 in the morning. It was foggy and I couldn't see almost anything by the window.The house was very untidy and cold. I didn’t ..... continue reading CAMILLA A.
20/03/2020 Story 1 2A Second Grade Around noon, Mrs Dursal went to the dispenser and like every day she took a bag of biscuits. As soon as she opened it, she didn't find the biscuits but the precious earrings that she usually kept ..... continue reading TOMMASO M.
26/02/2020 Story 3 4B Fourth Grade She was in a library studying for her exams, when she realized it had started to rain. It was a soft light rain at first, but it soon became heavy. She wanted to wait until it would calm, but it was ..... continue reading REBECCA V.
24/02/2020 Story 12 Third Grade One cold winter morning Emma woke very tired. She took the tube as usual to go to school. That morning the tube was very so crowded, that he couldn't find a seat. Somebody hurt her and made her books ..... continue reading VALERIO Z.
09/02/2020 story 16 Fourth Grade It is a cold, rainy and windy evening of January. A farm in the countryside has the door closed and only from the cracks in the windows the light of the lamp can be seen. The family is gathered in ..... continue reading MATTIA A.
23/01/2020 Story 6 Third Grade It was a warm Saturday afternoon. I was with my friends in the garden of my house to play football.The sky was clear and the sun was shining: the perfect day to spend in leisure. After having played ..... continue reading ANDREA B.
23/01/2020 Story 9 Fourth Grade I live in a small house in London. One day, while I was walking my dog, I accidentally stumbled and fell on the pavement. I hit my head and I lost memory of what happened afterwards. All I can say is ..... continue reading EDOARDO P.
12/05/2019 Story 7 Third Grade It’s Sunday. I'm locked up in a damned bathroom somewhere in this city. I am trapped. "How long have I been here?" All I can only remember that I was at my cousin's graduation party. What ..... continue reading FRANCESCO S.
12/05/2019 Story 11 Second Grade I was on the sofa watching the tv, when I suddenly heard a voice.I turned as fast as I could and I saw the shadow of a little girl dressed in black looking at me.I got scared and I turned on the ..... continue reading ADRIANO B.
12/05/2019 story 14 Third Grade April 24th I could not wait for my birthday to leave and go for the climbing that would have ended my career. My name is Stephen and I am a professional climber. I climbed all the most famous ..... continue reading GABRIELE N.
12/05/2019 Story 18 Third Grade September in Chicago, 1972. I was sitting alone in a stuffy train compartment and peering out of the window. The evening landscape outside was monotonous: at least nothing new had happened there ..... continue reading FEDERICA F.
23/04/2019 Story 15 Third Grade It was September 25, 2014, and Karmen, who was the Johnsons ' housekeeper, was tidying the house. While she was in kitchen, she heard a strange sound from a door. She rushed out as she thought, it ..... continue reading ALICE M.
22/03/2019 Story 8 Second Grade We reached the island at last. 5 boys and 5 girls far from the real world. We didn’t know all the rules yet, when a man appeared on the big screen to explain the game. I couldn’t ..... continue reading MATTIA A.
22/03/2019 The White Rose Third Grade I was so depressed, but that beautiful spring morning I decided to go out and take a walk through London’s street with my Nixon camera. It was my passion, to photograph people, their faces, ..... continue reading FEDERICA F.
15/03/2019 Story 5L part 2 Second Grade 'Dad?' Devin finally plucked up the courage to speak. 'What are you doing in my room? Did you look through my stuff?!' he asked angrily. 'Now that is beside the point. Well? Are you going to tell me ..... continue reading VALERIO Z.
05/03/2019 A Story (3) Second Grade Gary, a police inspector, arrived at home after an endless day of hard work. As soon as he opened the door, he noticed something weird. He saw two notes on a table. On the first piece of paper there ..... continue reading FRANCESCO S.
11/02/2019 A Story (1) Second Grade On a cold and windy December day. Nothing was going as it was supposed to be. Jacob was tired of his work and he just wanted nobody to bother him, therefore; he quickly changed himself, put on his ..... continue reading GIORGIO B.
11/02/2019 Story 10 Second Grade I have always made very strange, but the last one was the weirdest of all. One night I went to bed very late, but I couldn't sleep as I was very anxious for the English test of the following day. ..... continue reading LAURA B.
05/02/2019 Senior story 2 Third Grade When he arrived on the island, the only things he could see were rocks and sand. No people, no traces of life. The weather was cold and cloudy. He walked across the island and, at the dusk time, he ..... continue reading MATTIA A.
05/02/2019 Story 5L Third Grade Lost in thought, Devin shuffled along with the throng of other students leaving the gym. Assemblies, although a nice break from classes, were no less boring than said classes. But not this assembly. ..... continue reading FEDERICA F.
06/12/2018 A story (4) Second Grade I didn’t exist. A moment later I was there. I couldn’t know how it was possible, but I was alive. The first thing I saw was a white marble table in front on me. I tried to move ..... continue reading GABRIELE G.
05/12/2018 Senior story 1 Third Grade One day Melany decided to visit his grandparents outside the city. The place where they lived was a bit infamous, but she loved his grandparents so much that she went there anyway. Melany had ..... continue reading GIORGIO I.
04/12/2018 A Story (2) Second Grade The girl ran. She ran blindly through the forest, with only the light of the moon to guide her, alone and afraid, cold and hungry. She ran fast, as fast as she could, even though she had nowhere to ..... continue reading GIORGIO B.
25/11/2018 Senior story 3 Third Grade I was on a plane directed to Ohio, USA. I was in the middle seat, on my left there was my son; on my right a strange man. Apparently everything was calm but I felt something was wrong. Suddenly the ..... continue reading FRANCESCO S.

All the students write the beginnings of a story.

After having chosen three (or more) among them, the students write their sequels adding, as in a sort of relay race, a minumum of 100 words.

No student is allowed to write the continuation of the part he has written.

He has to skip a turn, but he is allowed to continue the other stories.

In the end groups of students will work on the stories to edit them and give them the necessary structural cohesion.