Date Announcement Classroom Short description Author
17/10/2018 A Story (1) Second Grade On a cold and windy December day. Nothing was going as it was supposed to be. Jacob was tired of his work and he just wanted nobody to bother him, therefore; he quickly changed himself, put on his ..... continue reading BIANCA Z.
17/10/2018 A Story (3) Second Grade Gary, a police inspector, arrived at home after an endless day of hard work. As soon as he opened the door, he noticed something weird. He saw two notes on a table. On the first piece of paper there ..... continue reading SIMONE C.
13/10/2018 A Story (2) Second Grade The girl ran. She ran blindly through the forest, with only the light of the moon to guide her, alone and afraid, cold and hungry. She ran fast, as fast as she could, even though she had nowhere to ..... continue reading LUCREZIA D.P.