Date Announcement Classroom Short description Last
11/12/2018 Story 7 Third Grade It’s Sunday. I'm locked up in a damned bathroom somewhere in this city. I am trapped. "How long have I been here?" All I can only remember that I was at my cousin's graduation party. What else? Ah! ..... continue reading GIORGIO I.
08/12/2018 Story 6 Third Grade It was a warm Saturday afternoon. I was with my friends in the garden of my house to play football.The sky was clear and the sun was shining: the perfect day to spend in leisure. After having played ..... continue reading ALICE M.
06/12/2018 A Story (1) Second Grade On a cold and windy December day. Nothing was going as it was supposed to be. Jacob was tired of his work and he just wanted nobody to bother him, therefore; he quickly changed himself, put on his ..... continue reading GIORGIO B.
06/12/2018 A story (4) Second Grade I didn’t exist. A moment later I was there. I couldn’t know how it was possible, but I was alive. The first thing I saw was a white marble table in front on me. I tried to move myself, but I ..... continue reading GABRIELE G.
05/12/2018 Senior story 1 Third Grade One day Melany decided to visit his grandparents outside the city. The place where they lived was a bit infamous, but she loved his grandparents so much that she went there anyway. Melany had ..... continue reading GIORGIO I.
05/12/2018 Story 5L Third Grade Lost in thought, Devin shuffled along with the throng of other students leaving the gym. Assemblies, although a nice break from classes, were no less boring than said classes. But not this assembly. ..... continue reading FEDERICA F:
04/12/2018 A Story (2) Second Grade The girl ran. She ran blindly through the forest, with only the light of the moon to guide her, alone and afraid, cold and hungry. She ran fast, as fast as she could, even though she had nowhere to ..... continue reading GIORGIO B.
03/12/2018 A Story (3) Second Grade Gary, a police inspector, arrived at home after an endless day of hard work. As soon as he opened the door, he noticed something weird. He saw two notes on a table. On the first piece of paper there ..... continue reading MATTIA A.
25/11/2018 Senior story 3 Third Grade I was on a plane directed to Ohio, USA. I was in the middle seat, on my left there was my son; on my right a strange man. Apparently everything was calm but I felt something was wrong. Suddenly the ..... continue reading FRANCESCO S.
24/11/2018 Senior story 2 Third Grade When he arrived on the island, the only things he could see were rocks and sand. No people, no traces of life. The weather was cold and cloudy. He walked across the island and, at the dusk time, he ..... continue reading FEDERICO T.

All the students write the beginnings of a story.

After having chosen three (or more) among them, the students write their sequels adding, as in a sort of relay race, a minumum of 100 words.

No student is allowed to write the continuation of the part he has written.

He has to skip a turn, but he is allowed to continue the other stories.

In the end groups of students will work on the stories to edit them and give them the necessary structural cohesion.