"Senior story 1"


One day Melany decided to visit his grandparents outside the city. The place where they lived was a bit infamous, but she loved his grandparents so much that she went there anyway. Melany had recently taken the driving license and she was very good at driving. Unfortunately, before she left her grandparents' house, it had begun to rain and Melany did not even have an umbrella. Fortunately, a boy with a black shirt offered her a ride to the place where Melany had parked her car. Melany thanked the young man and then he took the road back home. While she was driving, she thought a lot about that boy, because it seemed she had already seen him somewhere. Melany was lost in her thoughts, when suddenly she crashed into another car and was catapulted out of the window. Once in the hospital she felt as if she didn't know who she was. She made an effort to speak, but she couldn't. Not a single word came out of her mouth. Tears started to flow down her cheeks: "What had happened?" When the door of the hospital chamber opened, she saw the face of a young man with a black shirt, who, for some reasons, looked familiar to her.(Edoardo P.)
While Melany was trying to remember who this guy was, he was just staring at her. She was scared and suddenly she heard some words coming from her mouth: “Help me”, she muttered. In that same moment her parents rushed into the room. She asked them who the guy in the room was. They said there was no one in the room expect them. Than she looked at the guy. He was smiling this time. She pointed her finger at him but her parents could not see anybody. They thought she was just shocked because of the accident. While her parents were outside the room talking to the doctors, the guy approached to her bed. He looked at her and said “Can't you remember?”. Then she fell asleep . (Gabriele G.)