"Senior story 1"


One day Melany decided to visit his grandparents outside the city. The place where they lived was a bit infamous, but she loved his grandparents so much that she went there anyway. Melany had recently taken the driving license and she was very good at driving. Unfortunately, before she left her grandparents' house, it had begun to rain and Melany did not even have an umbrella. Fortunately, a boy with a black shirt offered her a ride to the place where Melany had parked her car. Melany thanked the young man and then he took the road back home. While she was driving, she thought a lot about that boy, because it seemed she had already seen him somewhere. Melany was lost in her thoughts, when suddenly she crashed into another car and was catapulted out of the window. Once in the hospital she felt as if she didn't know who she was. She made an effort to speak, but she couldn't. Not a single word came out of her mouth. Tears started to flow down her cheeks: "What had happened?" When the door of the hospital chamber opened, she saw the face of a young man with a black shirt, who, for some reasons, looked familiar to her.(Edoardo P.)
While Melany was trying to remember who this guy was, he was just staring at her. She was scared and suddenly she heard some words coming from her mouth: “Help me”, she muttered. In that same moment her parents rushed into the room. She asked them who the guy in the room was. They said there was no one in the room expect them. Than she looked at the guy. He was smiling this time. She pointed her finger at him but her parents could not see anybody. They thought she was just shocked because of the accident. While her parents were outside the room talking to the doctors, the guy approached to her bed. He looked at her and said “Can't you remember?”. Then she fell asleep . (Gabriele G.)
But soon the bed began to shake. Melany was having a crisis and her vital parameters were falling. The faces of her relatives were white with fear. Her mother, Teresa, threw herself on her daughter's bed and started to cry desperately : 'please save my daughter" she prayed "someone help her". Immediately the doctors arrived and in that moment Teresa fainted. Unfortunately the doctors of St. George Hospital in Houston could not do anything; Melany had had a cerebral ischemia and the doctors declared that her brain gave no sign of activity. Now her family could only choose whether to keep her attached to a machine or to let her die. Teresa could not believe her ears: her only daughter dead, because of a damned accident. She would not accept it, she could not give up hoping that one day she could get out of the coma. She wanted her to live, one day she would wake up, she was sure. It had to be so.
It was November 25, 2012 and 7 years had passed since that day, when, miraculously, a feeble sign of brain activity appeared. Immediately the doctors called Melany's relatives and on the evening of the 27th she woke up in the long-term ward. The news immediately caused a great sensation as nobody had ever awakened from that kind of coma.
"It is just like she were born again!" " My girl!" and Teresa kissed her daughter's forehead gently. When all friends and relatives left her room, a well-dressed man of about 30 knocked on the door of her room. He had a bunch of flowers in his hands. He approached Melany's bed and whispered : '" Can't you remember me?' Melany stared at him. She could remember only a figure of man who had told her the exact same phrase with the same tone. "I don't know you!" "Who are you?" "What are you doing in my room? She was agitated and attempted to push the button for emergencies placed next to her bed. He tried to explain, but in vain. A nurse rushed into the room :" Calm down, calm down, Melanie. It's all right . " " This man here is the guy who pulled you out of the car seven years ago," the nurse smiled at her and added : " he saved your life!"
Melanie's eyes met his. He looked so kind and anxious to speak to her. When the nurse saw that Melany was calmer, she left the room. They were alone. "Why are you here?" " Why are you still here after all this time? "The man smiled: " Let me introduce myself first, my name is Paul, Paul Bradley. That evening, just before the accident, it had started to rain and I offered you shelter under my umbrella. I thought you were so beautiful and I wanted to know you better, so when we parted - I know it sounds foolish - I followed you. When I saw the crash, I jumped out to my car to help you". He gently gave her the bunch of flowers that was still in his hands. She loved that scent.
The two talked all night long, till she fell asleep. When she woke up, he was no longer there. Gone. How stupid of her to believe, he would have stayed by her side! A woman in her condition. She was likely to remain in that hospital for months for the rehabilitation. What if she would not be able to recover fully? She felt a tear run down her cheek.
The door silently opened. She turned her face. There he was, with a warm cup of coffee in his hands. " You are awake!" Melany quicky wiped her tears and with a smile full of joy and gratitude said :" Of course, you must need a good cup of coffee after such a night!" He came close to her and kissed her eyes still wet with tears : " It was the best night of my life, honey!" (Giorgio I.)