"Senior story 2"


When he arrived on the island, the only things he could see were rocks and sand. No people, no traces of life. The weather was cold and cloudy. He walked across the island and, at the dusk time, he finally saw a castle and went towards it. Once inside the castle, he saw a lot of people: they were petrified! Then an old woman approached: "I am the Unnamed; who rules these lands?" The woman answered: "I am the Queen of this huge desert. Many years ago, this island was green and full of life; then, one night, a mysterious creature arrived and ruined everything with a single breath. Every night, she petrifies a person. I am the only inhabitant left, and if you don't kill that creature, the kingdom will fall in her hands forever. If you kill her, everyone will be back to life again, but I don't know where she hides." After having listened to the Queen's sad words, the Unnamed knew he had to begin his mission immediately.(Mattia A.)
So, the Unnamed left the castle and went to explore the land. Everything was so silent he could even hear his heartbeat.
As he proceeded, he felt somebody's presence, but where?
Then he heard a strange noise. He stopped. He was in front of a pile of rocks. He got slowly closer and closer. He saw a huge hole. "That's where that noise came from!"
That hole was the deepest thing he had ever seen, at the bottom it was very dark and frightnening.
He took his own equipment and a deep breath. He started going down very cautiosly and after some minutes he reached the bottom.
The atmosphere was scary; he could barely see around with his torch.
The Unnamed was determined to find and kill the monster, but suddenly he had a change of heart: "Where am I going? Hadn't I better go back??" But then, he was startled by the same noise he had heard before. He quickly began to move towards that direction.
After 15 metres he stopped in front of a big cave. The Unnamed went inside. It seemed as if somebody were snoring. It was the monster. (Gabriele N.)
He knew what to do. He took his two-handed sword, "Storm Breaker ”, and he was just about to pierce the monster's chest, when the creature woke up. His eyes were deep red and his teeth were as sharp as his blade. He knew he could have petrified him with his dark fire but the Unnamed didn’t hesitate, he hurled his sword exactly into the monster's mouth, which fell on the ground heavily .The Unnamed turned his back thinking that it was all over now, but then he heard anoise. The creature was getting up again and this time surprise and fear made him too slow to react. In a second the fire which came out from the monster's mouth whipped round his body and………Nicholas woke up screaming! His mom entered in the room : “ Are you ok darling?”she asked,”Yes mummy, only a bad dream”! But, was it a bad dream ? God, it seemed so real! He turned his head and saw something sparkling on the chair nearby. It was a sword ! (Federico T.)
He had never seen that sword before. He woke up yawing and looked at the chair. He noticed that on the sword there was written:”WHOEVER WILL HOLD THIS SWORD WILL PROTECT BOTH THE WORLDS”. That phrase sounded so strange. He took his Ipad and as soon as he googled that sentence, the name of a book came out: “The Call of the Dragon”. He was so intrigued that he wanted to get that book immediately. " Where are you going, Nicholas? " asked his mother. "To the library!" he answered nonchalantly. "But, it's Sunday." Nicholas couldn't hear her last words. He had already left. Fortunalely,there was that book at the library. It was an surreal story about a dragon which used a sword to travel between two worlds. “But it is impossible” shouted Nicholas. An old man who was looking at him approached to Nicholas and asked him: “Why are you saying that?”, “No, nothing this is a long story” answered Nicholas, the old man replied. “ I have a lot of time, so tell me this strange story. He felt he could trust that old man and told him all. When Nicholas finished, the old man asked him: “Do you think, it was only a dream?" "You know, sometimes we can’t discern what is real from what is not. Now I want to ask you a question: And if it weren’t only a dream? (Simone C.)
The old man continued: “you know, there are a lot of myths on this book, and for your fortune, I am well prepared”. The boy looked at this old man in a strange way, he couldn’t believe this was really happening. In his mind he continued to repeat “it was only a dream... it was only a dream” but this voice was silenced by another voice “what if it wasn’t only a dream...”. The old man had a bizarre look in his eyes, he seemed crazy, he looked like he really believed that all of this was real, like he once had been there... but it was impossible, Nathan thought. The old man continued: “one of the most famous myths is about the queen...” he stopped and looked around himself, like if he wanted that nobody could hear what he was going to say “... the queen the beautiful admired queen. In the past, when everything was beautiful, when sun shined every day, when everybody laughed and danced in the streets. many men tried to impress her to marry her, but she refused them all, she refused even the most handsome and stringe man who proposed. No man in both worlds had been able to marry the beautiful queen. Everything changed when the monster came. The queen, in desperation declared that the man who killed the monster and brought her the head would become her husband and king. All the men of the reign tried to kill the monster unsuccessfully until there were no mal left. Now the queen lives alone in terror in the island, and she is still waiting for a noble manto kill the monster. The prophecy says that this noble man comes from our world and will defeat the monster with the strongest sword forged with the blood of the god of war and with the tears of the god of peace.” Nathan after this long story, ran away in tears, in his head he could only think of the monster. After a long run, after he calmed down, he stopped and sat down in a corner of a dark alley... he closed his eyes and fell asleep. When he woke up... he was there again.(Federica F.)
He felt dizzy and tired. He tried to stop and think what to do. Neither the air on that island was similar to the old man's description; the sky was cloudy, it was cold and there was nothing but stones and rocks. That famous monster had devastated the whole island and it could be anywhere. The only thing Nathan could see was a castle in the horizon. He decided to move towards it, maybe the queen would have helped him.
Once into the castle, he walked towards the huge but empty rooms and he felt like someone was staring at him. But then, when he reached the room with the throne, he saw the queen reflected in a mirror, because the throne was turned on the opposite side. The queen didn't want anybody to look at her face, for some unknown reason, so she was wearing a hood. She said: "I can hear, from that side, the Savior's steps..." Then, silence.
The situation was starting to be too complicated. Out of the blue Nathan touched his leg and realized he still had the sword. The "Storm Breaker", the famous god sword of the prophecy. The prophecy... the sword...the queen.......Then he understood. That person who could save the island... was him! It was time to act. (Mattia A.)