"Senior story 2"

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When he arrived on the island, the only things he could see were rocks and sand. No people, no traces of life. The weather was cold and cloudy. He walked across the island and, at the dusk time, he finally saw a castle and went towards it. Once inside the castle, he saw a lot of people: they were petrified! Then an old woman approached: "I am the Unnamed; who rules these lands?" The woman answered: "I am the Queen of this huge desert. Many years ago, this island was green and full of life; then, one night, a mysterious creature arrived and ruined everything with a single breath. Every night, she petrifies a person. I am the only inhabitant left, and if you don't kill that creature, the kingdom will fall in her hands forever. If you kill her, everyone will be back to life again, but I don't know where she hides." After having listened to the Queen's sad words, the Unnamed knew he had to begin his mission immediately.(Mattia A.)
So, the Unnamed left the castle and went to explore the land. Everything was so silent he could even hear his heartbeat.
As he proceeded, he felt somebody's presence, but where?
Then he heard a strange noise. He stopped. He was in front of a pile of rocks. He got slowly closer and closer. He saw a huge hole. "That's where that noise came from!"
That hole was the deepest thing he had ever seen, at the bottom it was very dark and frightnening.
He took his own equipment and a deep breath. He started going down very cautiosly and after some minutes he reached the bottom.
The atmosphere was scary; he could barely see around with his torch.
The Unnamed was determined to find and kill the monster, but suddenly he had a change of heart: "Where am I going? Hadn't I better go back??" But then, he was startled by the same noise he had heard before. He quickly began to move towards that direction.
After 15 metres he stopped in front of a big cave. The Unnamed went inside. It seemed as if somebody were snoring. It was the monster. (Gabriele N.)