"Senior story 3"


I was on a plane directed to Ohio, USA. I was in the middle seat, on my left there was my son; on my right a strange man. Apparently everything was calm but I felt something was wrong. Suddenly the plane started to shake and go down. Everybody was screaming, everybody except the man on my right. He was impassive. The plane went down very fast, so much that I could see the tops of the trees. When I woke up I was confused.Everything burned and smoke surrounded me, but I could distinguish the figure of a man taking something away but I couldn’t see what. I felt pain in the left side of my neck, so I turned my head on the right. I noticed a strange piece of paper on a seat. There was written: “Hello Austin, I know you will be a very brave man. I took someone who is very close to your heart. I need a lot of money. You have 3 months to find it. Good game”
He had taken my son. (Francesco S.)
I was shocked. I barely knew where I was; I had nothing left with me, just my phone. The plane had split in two halvs. On the phone all the apps and contacts were gone. I had only one contact: - 419 756 15 11, saved as "him". I didn't understand. "Him" had sent me a message saying: "these are the rules of the Game:
1) you cannot call the police;
2) you cannot go home;
3) you cannot tell anyone you know what happened;
4) you have three months to give me five hundred thousand dollars, if you don't .... Your son will DIE.
Signed: "him"
"Good game ".
I was speechless. I did NOT understand whom that person could be and why he wanted that money from ME. I didn't have that sum. Something had to be done, but not now. I started to walk in the wood in order to find a busy road with the hope to find someone to give me a ride to the nearest motel and study a plan to solve this mess.(Edoardo P.)
After an hour walking, I had not found a place to rest yet. I was hungry and very tired. I was injured and I realized I was bleeding too . I needed to stop and rest under that big tree. It was getting dark and it was cold. That night I didn’t sleep very well even if I was exhausted. I continued thinking about my son. I heard noises around me and I had the feeling of having many eyes watching me. I thought it was all a game of my imagination, at least I hoped it. The next morning I felt even more tired than the day before and my wound still bleeding . I decided to climb up on the tree to see which direction the nearest town could be. I saw only an infinite expanse of trees. Just when I was losing hope, I saw the smoke coming out from the chimney of a house, not so far from where I was. It could be the opportunity to seek for help. I got down from the tree and I ran toward the house, but something overwhelmed me. A huge bear was in my way. It was about to attack me, when I felt like fainting . The last things I remembered were the sound of a shot and the face of an old man. (Adriano B.)
When I woke up I found myself in the house that I had desperately tried to reach before.I had some strange bandages on my leg where I was wounded and strangely it did not hurt me anymore.The old man was sit on a chair cooking by the fire. When he realized I had woken up, he gave me something to drink which smelt disgusting. I drank it anyway. After a few minutes of silence he told me that I was very lucky, because I was the only survivor left. Had any other outlived the crash, he would have very likely ended up eaten by either wolves or bears. I knew he was wrong, my son was out there, alone, with that stranger. I needed to do something, to find a way to make money. I asked him where the nearest town was and he started laughing.”We’re in the middle of Canada, there’s no-one here except me and you”he told him “but if it can be of any comfort to you, in two days I'm going to make supplies of food and bullets in a village 100 miles from here, there will be a few tracks heading to the town, but it will take other three days to get there”-“well, I don’t have other options I think!” (Federico T.)
So I decided to wait 2 days before going to the village and then get on a truck. But in these 2 days I felt reckless: I spent most of my time thinking to what had happened…my son, the stranger “him” and I were the only survivors of the crash, all the apps on my phone were deleted, the strange message that I received, I was really close to be killed by a bear…was all this real or was it simply a nightmare?
I took my phone to see if something had changed but nothing. To my great surprise, I noticed that the battery level was the same as before the crash, 7%. This was really strange. I knew I was not wrong. So, I looked up and found a pen. I wrote the battery percentage on my left arm to be sure I would remember it.
The 2 days passed very slowly but finally the day of my departure arrived. The old man arrived on an old car, I jumped on and we left. After many hours we finally arrived at the small village. I immediately saw the big track that probably could take me to the town. The car stopped and the old man pointed me that track. I slowly approached it and saw a man who looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t realize who he was. He told me to go to the back of the track. I obeyed. I was not alone, many people sat on the track. The track left, I was exhausted. I leaned against the track door and fell asleep.
When I woke up, I was still very sleepy. The number of the people on the track was halved. Suddenly the track stopped. I took my phone to check the time but there was only a strange message on it. It said “HERE” with a photo of a small house.
I fearfully opened the track door and got off. We were at a gas station, on my right there was a house. I took my phone and compared the photo to the house…they were identical. I checked the level battery…the percentage number was identical to the number I wrote on my arm, 7. Still.
While I was approaching the small house I noticed that the house number was written in big characters… It was the same of my phone battery level, 7. I was terrified.
A feeling of terror overwhelmed me and I fainted near the house.
I woke up in my bed, in my house. Immediately I took my phone and apparently all was normal. I looked at my left arm and there were no signs on it. The clock said 7am. I could hear the voice of my son running downstairs while talking to my wife. My phone vibrated, I received a message. It was from British Airways app: “We kindly remind you that your boarding to Canada will start at 11”. The phone battery level was 7%....I am afraid, I will not leave today. (Francesco S.)