"Story 6"


It was a warm Saturday afternoon. I was with my friends in the garden of my house to play football.The sky was clear and the sun was shining: the perfect day to spend in leisure.
After having played for more than two hours, we decided to take a break. One of my friends, Ethan,had brought some muffins and we ate them all.
While my friends were devouring the cakes, I went to look for the ball. "I knew it! It was right under that thorny bush!" I was about to pick it up, when I heard something fall down just near me.Apparently, there was nothing on the ground but at a closer inspection, I actually found something. It was like a strange stone: small but long. It was dark red with some black symbols carved on : “YÃxՐՓՉШ”. "What could it mean?" ... (Francesco S.)
... I took the stone and put it in my pocket and then I forgot about it.Whene everybody left, I went my room and turned on the computer: I wanted to see if I could find the meaning of those symbols on the internet. I saw hundreds of articles, but none of them could be of any help". Maybe I could have find a clue in the library. I took a shotof those symbols and put the stone in a drawer of the nightable near my bed. When I went out, the weather had changed radically. A strong wind blew and dark clouds were approaching. "There will ne a storm soon", I though, luckily I had an umbrella with me, a bit of could no stop me.
Once there, I stopped the librarian and asked: "Excuse me, could you tell me if there is something like a writing and symbol department here?" and she looked puzzled and said: "We have nothing of the kind, my dear," but "you may try at the antropological section." I didn't even know the meaning of that word, by the way:" Where is it ?" I asked "Second floor on the left. If you need any help, come back here." She had noticed my perplexity. There was a multitude of books." Where could I start from?" I reviewed many titles, but none them threw some light on my research. Then I saw a little booklet. It laid hidden among those bulky volumes. The title sounded interesting: "Mysteries, symbols and magic". I was thrilled. I started to read the introduction........(ALICE M.)
It was very short and was about strange symbols. “Maybe I have just found what I need!” I thought…
I turned the first page and saw a lot of small pictures. Their quality was poor, so I couldn’t see all details. The pictures showed a lot of strange symbols with short descriptions under them. Then I took my shot and started searching my symbols. In the first page there was no trace of them, so I turned the page.

I was so very stressed and nervous that the small book slipped from my hands. A picture came out from the book. I bowed and I picked that picture. It was very similar to mine. I looked around to see if somebody was looking at me and especially if there were cameras in the room; and I hid the picture in my jacket.

I put the book bach where it was and went home.

I went quickly into my bedroom and I pulled the stone out from the drawer and placed it on my desk. I took the picture from my jacket and I noticed that there was something written behind it… (Francesco. S.)
There was a small iscription, so small that it was impossible to read. I went to my father’s office that was near the kitchen. I took the magnifying glass and I returned to my bedroom. Now I could read the inscription: it looked like the title of a book and a page’s number. I took the stone and the picture and I immediately went to library even if it was late. Once there, I asked the librarian where that book was. She answered that it was on the same floor as before. I went up the stairs and turned on the left. I found the book, I took it then I sat on the desk. This time there was a piece of paper with something written in it : “put the stones under the moonlight…”. There were two photos too.They were pictures of stones exactly like mine. At a close inspection, actually, one seemed slighly different. It was dark when I left the library and there was a full moon. "Let's see what happens! " I thought. So I put the stone out of my pocket and under the moonlight. After some minutes the stone began to shine… (Gianluca M.)
The stone became brighter and began to tremble more and more, until a vortex that came from the stone, like a tornado, became bigger and bigger until it seemed to suckme. I began to run as fast as I can until I fainted. Once I woke up , I found myself in the middle of the road lying on the ground with the stone near me. It was dark . When I turned around I saw that there was no more the library from where I had just come out, but in it place there was a shabby old house. Even the street seemed different. It was strewn with pebbles, there were no sidewalks . I got up, a bit confused from with the intention of going back home, but once I reached my neighbourhood , I found nothing there house, only desolation. I saw a box with a newspapers inside and I read the first page: "Today March 15th ,1950 there has been a storm that has destroyed several houses ....": I was shocked, 1950 !! Oh my god, I thought. I ran back in tears to take and the stone I had left in front of the "library" but was gone .(Alice M.)