"The Cursed Plane (Story 2)"


It was a freezy December day when Mark , a 25 year old boy from Toronto, took that plane. He had decided to take a couple of days off to visit his family in Canada for Christmas holidays. The flight was very smooth and peaceful, until a terrible lightning storm started.... (Daniele P.)
"Ladies and Gentlemen we are experiencing some turbulence. Can you please fasten your seat belts right away": the captain said over the intercom.
Mark knew that the plane was going down, as it felt like the stomach was riding to his head.
Mark could see the ground out the window rushing towards them.
It all happened so fast. The strong impact threw him forward onto the seat before him. The front of the plane was ripped off the craft, as they bounced off the rocky ground. Eventually, the plane stopped and there was almost complete silence. The crying, screaming and roar of the plane were over. (Flavio S.)
Among screams and cries of pain Mark could barely come out of the plane and noticed with great regret that they were in a totally unexplored place, without connection to call for help. For the rest of the day, Mark helped the injured passengers and collected everything he could save from the remains of the plane.
He counted the survivors :one, two... they were ninety-nine alive in all, twenty were children. Thirty-one passengers had died. The next morning they would have tried to find a safer place, but that night they could not go elsewhere. It was about three in the morning when Mark woke up and he saw something strange .It was as if a thousand purple dots moved together. Was it a dream? But then he realized: they were eyes. (Niccolò N.)
Mark was so in panic that he called Francis, the man who sat next to him during the flight, but he didn’t wake up. The eyes were coming closer and closer. Mark didn't want to generate more hustle and bustle, so he thought he could light a fire. Had they been the eyes of some wild animal, they would have run away at the sight of the first flames. Mark took the lighter recovered from the stock and a cloth. No sooner had he lit the fire that the eyes were gone. Mark laid on the sand relieved and exhausted at the same time and he fell asleep. The next morning, many of the injured mates didn’t make through the night. There were seventy only left. But there was a bigger problem to tackle. They had no water supplies.....(Luigi F.)
......So Mark set up a search party to find a river or a spring that would keep them from dying of dehydration. Once everything had been prepared for the search, Mark, Francis and Bill, a friend of Francis', left.
They had even made 500 meters, when they found 30 barrels of water, as if they had been "planted" there by someone. Pleased with the quick outcome of the search, Francis and Bill went back to the camp to ask someone help them transport the barrels, but Mark could not explain why the barrels were there. Now that he was alone he meant to check the barrels and he sat down. Mark was almost falling asleep, when he heard a strange noise. He opened his eyes and he saw them again... the same purple eyes he saw the last time, only, they didn’t belong to wild animals. They were the eyes of a human being......(Nicolò N.)