"The Sound of Silence (Story 3)"


It was evening. I was on the sofa trying to read a book, when I felt like somebody was watching me. I slowly turned my head: "Is there anybody here?" I whispered. No-one answered. I remained silent for a while, as I still had that uncomfortable impression. "Is it you, Dan?". Silence. Nobody seemed to be in that room, but to my horror, I distinctly heard a creaking from my bedroom.(Ludovica F.) I saw a knife on the little table before the sofa and I grabbed it. Slowly I slipped down the sofa as I intended to go upstairs to see what was going on. When I opened the door of the bedroom, I saw nothing. I calmed down a little. While I was walking down the stairs, I heard a louder creak coming from the bathroom. I was about to go to check, when someone knocked on the door. It was Dan. I felt more relieved, but something in my head told me that we weren’t alone that night. Despite all this, I convinced myself to forget it. At a certain point, a phone rang upstairs. My brother went to get it and answered:” Who’s it?” Dan said, and then I heard screams. I was petrified with fear but I took courage and went up to see if my brother was ok. When I rushed in the room, someone put a sack on my head and ........( Daniele P.)
I woke up in my living room tied to a chair. My mouth was plugged with some tape. I was scared to death. When I could turn I saw that Dan was next to me. At that moment I felt a little relieved. But then I heard footsteps coming closer. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. A voice told my name Barbara!:. I turned in panic and saw a man dressed in black, with a mask like the face of a wolf. The man told me: “finally the day has come”....(Luigi F.)
I asked: “What are you saying?”. He took off his mask. “I don’t think you know me. I am your uncle, but I had argued with your family long time ago, that is why you have never seen me.”
-“What do you want from us?”
-“You have to know that his house belonged to your grandfather. Soon after he died I went into his office to search for a letter adressed to my sister, your mother, and myself. My father had partly anticipated the content of that missive to me, but I couldn't find it anywhere. When I asked your mother if she had taken our father's writing, she denied fiercely and we had a big fight. Your father sent me away and threatened me to call the police if I showed up again. I have never heard about them since that day. But a few weeks ago I received a letter. An anonymous friend, this is how he called himself, informed me that your parents had died in a car crash and sent me a copy of that missing letter: apparently in the basement of this house your grandfather had hidden all his fortune and now I want it........(Martina M.)
...“What are you talking about? What hidden fortune?” Dan asked. Suddenly memories went through my head. That’s why my parents never let me into the basement? Did they actually know everything all along? But why didn’t they tell me? Why didn’t they leave us a hint? Why didn’t they warn us? A voice distracted me from my thoughts, our uncle was yelling at Dan asking for the basment’s key. “Set us free and we will help you find the key for the basement” I told him, I just wanted to get things over with. They set us free and while we were walking towards my parents office I remember something my mother told me. She said her brother died in an accident when he was 10… (Livia Z.)