"Story 9"


I live in a small house in London. One day, while I was walking my dog, I accidentally stumbled and fell on the pavement. I hit my head and I lost memory of what happened afterwards. All I can say is that I woke up in my bed and now, I‘m not even sure whether I actually went for that walk with the dog. The day after the accident, I believed I heard someone talking. The tv was off and I live alone with my dog. There couldn’t be anybody else in the house. I was puzzled. I was sure the voice came from the sitting-room. I opened the door slowly; I couldn’t see anybody but the dog. Once in, the voice stopped. My dog came wagging to me. I said softly: “be quiet”. Then I heard that voice. It said: “Ok”. I looked at the dog jaw dropped and said: “WHAT?”. It answered: “I said, OK". (Gabriele G.)
I stood there speechless:" my dog ​​can.... speak?" I couldn't believe it. "I've got to go and get some coffee to wake me up a bit" I thought and I went straight to the kitchen. Afters a few warm, regenerating sips, I came back to the sitting-room and there it was, lying placidly on the sofà. It seemed as if Charlie was sleeping. His little paw covered its his eyes, but as soon he heard my footsteps, it stood up on the pillow wagging with joy. "Here is my boy!" I smiled, "it must have been a figment of my imagination due to that fall". I sat next to him and started to pet him gently. "More up .... aah, yeah! There! Right there .... Aah you're so good! " What? That voice was real! I jumped to my feet, took my dog and looked at him straight in his eyes: " Charlie, YOU can speak? But dogs cannot speak! I can't believe it! It's a dream... I must be sleeping, it cannot be otherwise! " I walked like crazy around the house with the dog still under my arm. At some point I stopped. I stared at my dog's face and said to him: " c'mon, talk!" And he did talk: "look" he said, "it's normal all animals talk". I fell heavily on the sofà: "... eeh now, what shall I do?" (Alice M.)
Still incredulous for what I had just heard I decided to go to a vet to see what my dog had. Charlie should be a simple beagle, how could he SPEAK!? I took a shower in arecord time, put on in a gray jacket, took the keys of my Mercedes and ... "Hey, Sarah, why are you in a hurry!" Charlie exclaimed while I was at the door to take the scarf. I turned, leaned towards him and took him in my arms: "let's go to the vet immediately because YOU are not normal!". After hearing those words Charlie seeme quite annoyed, but after all he was still a dog and could not do anything.
When we arrived at the vet's, Sarah was nervous about what the doctor might say about Charlie. Shee paused for a moment to think, while waiting for her turn and came to a conclusion:her dog could be the only one in the world to talk,so the vet could decide to call the media and maybe Charlie could be taken away from me forever". In the blink of an eye she got up from her chair and left the waiting room.
While he was driving back home, Charlie started talking again: "I did not realize you were so stupid," and Sarah replied, "But Charlie, how long have you been talking ?" And Charlie: " I have been able to speak since I was born , it's you who could not figure out what I said." Sarah stopped at the lights to think how that was possible:"Somehow,I'll have to deal with it."While Charlie was leaning against the half-open window, she saw Nicole crossing the street with her labrador Levis. "Hello Nicole" and jokingly added "Hello, Levis" and both in chorus replied: "Hello, Sarah". The light turned green and Sarah pushed the accelerator with a stunned face. "Did you see?? You did not want to believe it, but in truth all animals speak ... " Edoardo P.