"Story 10"


I have always made very strange, but the last one was the weirdest of all. One night I went to bed very late, but I couldn't sleep as I was very anxious for the English test of the following day. While I was thinking about what to do, after a while I fell asleep. I found myself in my class, close to my best friend as usual, ready for the English test. When the teacher started to dictate the sentences to translate, which I am never able to do well, as anxiety assails me, this time I felt more confident and took a pen to write them down; but,I couldn't. I was like paralyzed. I saw everybody writing and I thought: "Please, stop! Wait for me!" I was desperate. Then I heard a bell ringing. The class had just started, how could it be the bell already?It was not, in fact. It was alarm clock. The thought of that damned test haunted me even while I was sleeping! It was only a dream, thank goodness.
But when I arrived at school the test had become something real. I was ready to meet my fate and I started to prepare myself mentally. My best friend comforted me, telling that this time I would have done a great test, after all, we had studied together. She is always so optimistic, but I exactly knew, how it would have gone: bad as usual. The teacher came in, and I took the sheet and the pen, I wrote my name, surname, class and date on it :Anna Morris 2A 21/01/2019 . Ready. When the teacher started to tell the sentences, it seemed as if I had already heard them and knew what to write. For the first time I translated them all and when we checked them in class they were all right. I could not believe it: I got the highest grades for that test. Lisa Brown, my best friend, was so happy for me: "Why this look? Ain't you happy? What's wrong?" I told what I had dreamt the previous night and that in some way I already knew those sentences.... (Alice M.)
After that time it happened again and again.
I started to think that it was no longer a coincidence. Every time it happened I told L. B. Obviously she was surprised about it and I was too. Yesterday it happened again during art test. The day before yesterday I had dreamt the questions of the test. It is very very strange. I'm starting to think that I'm crazy, "what's wrong with me?".
I told these events to my parents and, of course, they didn't believe me! I understand them.
I went to a therapist and he told me that I have to sleep more, he spoke like he didn't eme and I while I was there I thought:"isn't he supposed to tell me what to do?". This first attempt to solve the problem seemed a kind of useless so I went to a conclusion: I thought that if I had gone to sleep without thinking about the test of the following day I would not have seen the questions of the tests.
I know you would say that I could use this thing for me and my class mates, it's ok, I did it two or three times, but I feel I'm going crazy and I have to stop it because I can't sleep well anymore.
Tomorrow there will be the math test and ..(Laura B.)