"Story 5L part 2"


'Dad?' Devin finally plucked up the courage to speak. 'What are you doing in my room? Did you look through my stuff?!' he asked angrily.
'Now that is beside the point. Well? Are you going to tell me exactly what this is? I'm warning you Denis...'
'What do you think it is, Dad? Come on, it's not that hard to understand.' he crossed his arms and smirked sarcastically. He was done being afraid of his father. 'do what you want,' he wanted to shout. ' rip the leaflet, force me to play football, it's not going to change what I want, who I am. Deal with it!' yet he didn't. Maybe if he explained everything, if he explained the thrill he had being on stage, performing, pretending, or better still, becoming for a while someone he wasn't, maybe his father would finally admit that he had been wrong to treat him like this all this time. So Denis took a deep breath and sat down on the bed, motioning for his father to do the same. And then he talked, and told him everything, how pressured and suffocated he felt. He told him that he had joined the team just because he wanted to make his father proud, and that yes, he liked football, but it wasn't what he wanted to do. He even sort of told him about Jen. Her smile, the way she made him feel. Warm and just kind of... complete. And when he finished he looked up, and braced himself for the hurricane. But his father just seemed... Resigned. Not even too disappointed, really. And maybe even the littlest bit guilty. 'I'm... I'm sorry, son. I thought, I don't know, I thought I was helping you chase your dream, reach for the stars just like I did.' He got up and placed his hands on Denis' shoulders, looking down at him with a half smile. ' I see now it wasn't your dream, it was mine. So go, go prance about on stage or whatever you actors like to do. And go get that Jenny girl.' Devin sprang up and threw his arms around his father's neck.' It's Jen. And thank you.' And then he ran out of his room, through the garden and off to tell Jen the amazing news. (Bianca Z.)
He ran to Jen house full of excitement. He felt like he could touch the sky only jumping. He felt like everything was right now, like it had never been. Once he got to Jen’s house he started screaming “JEN... Come out... JEN...” He started throwing little stones on Jen’s bedroom window, one after the other, hoping she could hear him. All of a sudden... Jen peeped out of the window with a strange look, as soon as she saw Devin, she know that something has happened, something really important. She had never seen him like that, he had a complete different look on his face, he was no more the tough, cool school boy, she saw the same look he has as a kid while running in the garden. She ran out of her room, down the stairs, out of the house, until she was face to face with him. “Jen, my dad... he, I can’t believe”
“Calm down, one word after the other.” She could understand what was happening, if it was a good or bad thing.
“My dad, found the leaflet...”
“Oh no. I can’t believe it.”
“No no no wait. We had a long talk. I finally told him how I REALLY feel. And guess what. He didn’t get angry. He instead told me to follow my dreams, well always with his same monotone voice... I can’t believe” he started mumbling for the excitement when, Jen stopped him... with a kiss.(Federica F.)
Devin was speechless, it was just what he wanted. He hardly could believe that the same day that his father had told him that he could follow his dreams Jen, the only girl he had thought of these last days, had taken the first step and kissed him. Devin raised up his eyes and Jen was still looking deep in his, when she placed her finger on his lips and kissed him again. Everything seemed perfect.. it was just too perfect, when Jen’s mother knocked at the door and in a fell swoop she she broke in to the room and saw them kissing. She was furious as she didn’t want Jen to see any boy because she believed it was only a distraction from school. She sent Devin away and ordered him not to come back any longer...(Valerio Z.)