"Story 11"


I was on the sofa watching the tv, when I suddenly heard a voice.I turned as fast as I could and I saw the shadow of a little girl dressed in black looking at me.I got scared and I turned on the light. But no-one was there.I was petrified! I picked up my phone to hear somebody's voice to calm me dow, but it seemed I couldn't find anybody . I tried again, still, no answer. I put on my jacket and I decided to go to the pub and have a drink.God, I needed something to drink. I was about to reach the door, when I heard the voice of the little girl singing a cold, blue song. I tried to open the door but I couldn't .The voice was approaching and I didn’t know what to do. (Federico T.)
The voice came from behind me. I was petrified. I didn’t know what to do, my body couldn’t move. I tried to open the door with all my power, but I couldn't and the girl's voice was approaching. I felt cold air coming from behind me, I was shivering and my hands were shaking. Then a ring . It was my cellphone. I tried to reach for it when ... something took my hand. It was fim and cold. A shiver of terror ran through my back and ... she stopped singing. The cold air behind me was gone. The chills were gone. The hand that had taken me was gone. I managed to move again and hurriedly opened the door to go to the pub near my house. I definitely needed a drink. I asked the bartender a smooth vodka to clear my thoughts. After the third glass it was time to head home to get a good sleep. I took the keys, opened the door and down the hallway of my house I saw that shadow again. She stood there, motionless in front of me. A gust of wind made the door close behind me and I saw the girl's shadow approach me... (Alice M.)
The girl's shadow was getting closer and closer. I didn't know what to do: I was about to scream, but at that point, the shadow opened her mouth and said:" Do not be afraid of me. I am not here to harm you." I interrupted her and replied:" So why didn't you talk to me before rather than scare me?" She carried on: "You probably won't believe to what I am going to tell you right now. Do you remember Mark?"
"He passed away 8 years ago. He died in a car accident. What do you have to deal with him?" I said.
"I was her friend Monica, you surely didn't know me, but I was with him that day. What do you know about the accident?" She asked me. I said that I knew that the car they were travelling in, had swerved and crashed against a wall and eventually took fire. "Well, actually it went in a different wat. You are the first one to know the truth: the accident was caused by a man with a black mantle who was driving a lorry and intentionally buffed us. That's why we crashed. Avenge us!" Once said these words, she disappeared, before I could ask her some questions.
I was full of doubts: Who was that man? Why would he have to kill Mark? Why am I the only one to know the truth after eight years ? And most importantly, why should I be the one chosen to avenge them?
I was so shattered and exhausted that I fell asleep.(Gabriele N.)
When I woke up she wasn’t there. I started thinking of every possible explanation about what had just happened. I looked at the phone there was written “10:45” and thought that it was time to get out of my bed and prepare myself for the busy day. As always I went to work, I had found myself a part time job in an office and I started at 1 pm and finished at 7 pm. It was fine for me, the job wasn’t that bad and the salary too was good. Returning home I thought about Monica and hoped that she was behind the door and didn’t disappear like last time. She was not there. I felt dizzy and confused, I had no idea about what do to. I was lying on my sofa watching Netflix and I heard her strange presence. I turned my head and she was there. “I have chosen you because you were one of his best friends. I was her girlfriend but you were very important for him too. One day...(Giorgio B.)
… you will understand. Then she disappeared. I could not know that since that day my life was going to change. A sequence of facts made me think that someone wanted me to do something. When I got up every morning, I found a new object on my night-table, and it was not so bad, but after a while I felt I was going nuts. Monica's apparitions became more and more frequent. One day I lost control and I began shouting “What do you want from me! I don’t even know why I am talking to a shadow! Stay away from me!” Then I fell down and fainted. When I got up I was on the bed and I couldn't remember how I had managed to get there. On the night-table there were two pictures: in the first one there were Monica with Mark. They were holding a scan, I guess, of a child, their child, so they were going to have a son.

I looked at the second picture and I recognized one of my friends: Fredrick. In that moment a smile appeared on my face, because he had been in love with Monica, but she never noticed him. Just then an expression of terror appeared on my face “No, Fredrick is not able to do it, but now that I think about it, that time… (Simone C.)

…he said he could have never born to see her with somebody else.I thought they were just words of disapointment. Fredrick’s life had been very hard. His parents had died when we were teenagers in a terrible fire. To live he had to leave school and start working. He did many exhausting jobs until he started to work as truck driver. We saw him less and less frequently because of his job, but everyone knew of his crush for Monica. I needed to talk to him. He lived in a shabby apartment nearby , because he spent just little time there. I knocked on the door. I heard someone struggling to get up and walking heavily towards the door:
“Who is it?” He asked.
“It’s me, Nate" I replied, "I need to talk to you”…(Adriano B.)