"story 14"


April 24th I could not wait for my birthday to leave and go for the climbing that would have ended my career. My name is Stephen and I am a professional climber. I climbed all the most famous mountains including the Nanga Parbat. My biggest dream as a child was to get to the top of the Everest. I had managed to get enough money and sponsors to start the expedition together with my best friend Travis and other professional climbers. They wanted to get to camp 1 on April 4th and start the acclimatization phase. Then by April 24th to arrive at the top and celebrate. This would have been my dream, so I prepared everything, and I took the plane to get to Nepal. Once arrived in Nepal, Travis and I organized a meeting inside the hotel where we explained the other climbers everything we would have done during the expedition. They all agreed so on April 4th we left the hotel to get to base camp 1 (Edoardo P.)
It went just like that: on the morning of April 4th, we left the base camp 1 to take the climb, or at least that was what Travis and I thought. We walked together with the other climbers, but we soon started to be alarmed as the behaviour of one of these was very suspicious. Rupert, that was his name, seemed particularly scared.It is normal for a person to be frightened for such on these occasions, but his fear was different. He was not anxious or tense, he always looked around as if he knew someone would show up. He always remained at the bottom of the group, trying to be seen as little as possible, as if he was trying to leave that expedition ...(Alessandro P.)
That man was hiding something; maybe he was planning to sabotage the expedition. I was under the impression that he was in touch with someone to put us into trouble , so that we couldn't reach the summit. Maybe it was only an impression, but Trevis and I decided to keep an eye on him. To get to camp 2 we had to cross a valley in extreme conditions and once we reached camp 2 we would have needed some special equipment in order to continue... After crossing the valley with great difficulty we got to the camp at sunset and then we decided to continue the next day. We camped there for the night. Rupert's behaviour was stranger and stranger, so Travis and I decided to stay awake and be on the lookout .... and... in the middle of the night while everybody was sleeping, I saw a group of people approaching out of the darkness...(Giorgia M.)
I immediately called Travis and woke up the rest of the group.
In the meantime, the strangers stopped near a rock about 50 metres from us. It seemed as if they were waiting for the best moment to attack us.
I decided to keep controlling these strangers, while Travis and the others were talking about what we had to do.
But, they had disappeared. They weren't behind the rock anymore.
I said to the guys I wanted to give a look.I went circumspectly towards the rock with only a torch and a knife in my hands. Once I got there, I said: "Hello there?"
Nobody answered. I could only hear my heartbeat. They seemes vanished away. I couldn't but go back to the tent. It was bloody cold out there.Once there I noticed a lot footsteps on the snow.I went in to warn my mates, bu the tent was empty.
Were the mysterious strangers were responsible of this? Rupert was responsible, for sure. And now that there, alone, in the middle of nowhere. What could I do? I was desperate. Maybe, those foosteps could lead me somewhere, to my mates, I they were still alive. So I resolved upon......(Gabriele N.)