"The White Rose"


I was so depressed, but that beautiful spring morning I decided to go out and take a walk through London’s street with my Nixon camera. It was my passion, to photograph people, their faces, catch all their feelings in a picture, see tourists, their amazement, their happiness... it was like I got my happiness from a photograph of a happy stranger. I know it is creepy, but that was my only way to feel better somehow. After two hours walking, I stopped in front of the Tower Bridge; it is one of my favourite views, so I knelt down to have a better perspective, when I was focusing the camera, a young girl, stood in front of my objective. She had a strange reaction; she didn’t seem annoyed like all the others. She smiled, and started to make top model poses, as she posed she got neare and nearer me. Them she was so close, that the objective could not focus, so I put down my camera and looked at her. She was amazing. She was tall, blonde hair, dark eyes, perfect smile and skin. After a few seconds we stood there looking at each other, she grabbed my hand, and pulled me. We had a long beautiful walk together. She dragged me in front of the Big Ben, she made me take thousands of pictures of her. Then we went on the London eye, she wanted so bad to go there that she nearly started crying. We spent all the day roaming in the city, having fun; it was like my depression had vanished, it was like I really had never been depressed. At dawn we sat on a bench near the Thames and I asked some tourists if they could take a picture of us. While we were posing, she kissed me. I felt like I could reach the stars. As soon as we took the pic, she grabbed me and took me to a hotel. As soon as we got there, there was a receptions with a blue shirt and a striped tie, on his plate there was his name:James. He gave us the key to a room, room number 113. We ran up there, we started having a pillow fight, we laughed like there was no tomorrow; I saw a vase with some white roses and gave one to her. We sat on the bed and started kissing, cuddling. We spent an astonishing night together.
The morning after, I woke up at six with her, I wanted to have breakfast with her, but it seemed that she wanted to stay there for a little more. So I had a great idea, I wanted to surprise her with all the pictures I had taken the day before, so I ran home, and put the pictures on my lap top so I could print them out... but... wait... when I started looking at them, she was nowhere to be seen. There were just pictures of monuments, even the one we took together... there was only me. I ran back to the hotel where we had spent the night. There was a different receptionist, but I asked information on the girl who had spent the night with me in room 113 anyhow:
“Sorry sir, in that room there is an Irish couple ”
“How?? The must have arrived this morning...”
“Actually sir, they have been here for a week, they will go away tomorrow.”
I felt my heart speeding up.I ran to the room and there was the couple. As I got out of the room, on the floor there were some petals, white rose petals. They were arranged in a way that made me think I had to follow the line they made, I kept following them without looking where they were taking me to. Once I reached the last petal, I looked up and I was again at the Tower Bridge and there she was. I ran up to her.
“Darling where have you been. I have been looking for you the whole morning” she said.
“Umm, I was at home, to change my clothes” I replied. And she hugged me. I had the pictures in my hands, as soon as she saw them, she grabbed them and yelled “THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL THANK YOUUU.” She could actually she herself, she didn’t give me the time to double check because she hugged me really tight. All of a sudden wind blew really strong and the pictures slipped out of her hands and fell in the river.
We spent again all the day together, and then another one and another one. Now it’s been three years since I met her. My depression has gone away. We got married last year, and I am proud to say that I am the happiest man alive. There is just one problem; I wanted to introduce her to my family at my wedding, but it seems THEY COULDN'T SEE HER .