"Story 15"


It was September 25, 2014, and Karmen, who was the Johnsons ' housekeeper, was tidying the house. While she was in kitchen, she heard a strange sound from a door. She rushed out as she thought, it came from the room of the kids. Everything seemed to be in order, but she noticed a blood stain. She thought it was the blood of one of the kid but no one of them was injured. While she was thinking about it, another drop fell on her head. She looked up, and she saw a huge blood spot right on the top (Alessio B.)
Karmen was stuck in terror. She screamed. A scream so strong that it reached the studio of James Johnsons, who rushed into the children's room. He saw Karmen staring at the big blood stain on the top. He didn't seem surprised. He was calm and went away quietly without saying a word. Karmen at that point recovered and went towards Mr. Johnson to ask him about that stain was. He didn't answer and closed the study door right in front of her face. That very moment Karmen imagined to see from a corner of her eyes a shadow behind the curtain.....(Alice M.)