"story 16"


It is a cold, rainy and windy evening of January. A farm in the countryside has the door closed and only from the cracks in the windows the light of the lamp can be seen. The family is gathered in the kitchen after dinner. The husband looks after the fire, the wife washes the dishes, the children play in the corner.

Suddenly blows are heard from the door. Who can be at this time of the day and with this weather? The wife suggests not to open. After some hesitation, the husband pulls the bolt and opens the door to see who is there.

There is someone out there, barred, with the rain-soaked hat.

The stranger is still. The branches of the trees behind him are bent by the cold wind.

"Good evening." The stranger says. "I'm looking for someone. Does the Wolkshire family live here?

"No. Once, but now they no longer live here."

"Then, are you perhaps a relative?"

"No. I'm the new tenant. I've been living here with my family for almost a year."

"Ah! Sorry, but I haven't been on this place for a long time. Do you know where the Wolkshires are now?"

"They moved away, I don't know exactly where."

"I came here, many years ago ..."

"But please, take a seat. You are all wet. Come in and warm up a little..."

"No, thanks ... Well, maybe just a minute ..." (Daniele P.)
The stranger has a suspicious air, he talks in a low voice and he wears black clothes. The children, looking at him, are a little uneasy.
While the husband and the stranger are sitting at the table, the wife is going to prepare some tea for the men. Now the stranger puts his hat on the table and starts talking. "When I came here the first time, the Wolkshire family was investigated for some illegal traffics in the countryside. I'm a detective, I came here today to say that the judge declared them guilty, after a long trial. But I have had no news about the Wolkshire family for more than a year". "Of course, we didn't know anything about these facts" replies the husband with a surprised reaction. "Since when we came living here, we haven't noticed any kind of suspicious activity". "Are you sure?" the detective asks, looking straight in his eyes, as if he doesn't believe him. "Well, I don't know if it can be of any help, but sometimes... ( Davide L.)