"Story 1 2A"


Around noon, Mrs Dursal went to the dispenser and like every day she took a bag of biscuits.

As soon as she opened it, she didn't find the biscuits but the precious earrings that she usually kept in the drawer of her bedside table.It was so strange. So she ran home to check whether they were exactly hers, but when she opened the drawer she found only some cookies. (Serena I)
She took her precious gold earrings and put them back. She was confused and couldn't understand how that was possible. Then she went to the bathroom right behind her bedroom to wash her face. She was taking the soap, when she realized that instead of the soap she took hold of her phone in her hand. She put it back in shock and rushed into the bedroom. The soap was right on her bedside table. She was petrified. A strange light from outside caught her attention. She turned her head slowly. Through the window her new neighbor was staring at her…(Tommaso M.)
Suddenly she woke up. It was just a dream. She immediately checked the drawer of the bedside table : her earrings were there. She went to the bathroom to wash her face. Then she realized that she had already seen the face of the person who was staring at her in the dream somewhere. He wasn't her current neighbor, but she couldn't remember whose face was exactly. She thought about it all day. The next morning she went to the elementary school where she worked as usual. She was sure it could be the only place where she could have seen him: a father, maybe, of one of her pupils. When Mrs. Dursal was about to leave at the end of the school day, she noticed a little girl runnig away with a lovely pink coat in her arm. She looked very familiar. She followed her with her eyes when..... (Gabriele P.) she saw that girl hug the woman of the
dream. Suddenly they started to walk and in that istant she had to think about what to do: go home or follow them. She decided for second option and followed them.
She didn't know where they were going. After twenty minutes walk she saw them going into a supermarket. She entered too. She was looking around, when someone touched her shoulder. She turned slowly:<< Why are you following us?>> The teacher didn't say anything either for shame or fear. Suddenly the woman said:<< I saw you but I don't remember where>>. But after a second she remembered:<< I saw you in a dream!>> Thomas A.).
She esclamed << YES YES YES
It's really you! >>. The woman didn't understand and all the people in the supermarket were looking at her. Mrs Dursal was all excited and she started to ask some question but they didn't feel like answering them. Then after some seconds the woman introduced herself and said<< I'm Caroline and this is my grandaughter. I don't want to sound rude but we are in a hurry >>.They left, but she was more and more convinced she couldn't lose the sight of them. She waited for them outside the supermarket and followed them, till she realized that it was her way home. She pulled over and saw the old woman going into the house near hers. Once home, Mrs Dursal saw once again that the neighbor was staring at her again.That was insane. She went to her neighbour's house and knocked on his door, but ....(Tommaso M.)