"A Story (1)"


On a cold and windy December day. Nothing was going as it was supposed to be. Jacob was tired of his work and he just wanted nobody to bother him, therefore; he quickly changed himself, put on his running shoes and went for a run in the park. He was running thoughtlessly when suddenly ..(Valerio Z.) he heard a voice calling him. He slowed down to understand what it was. Silence. He only felt his heart beating quickly. He had a very disturbing feeling. He started running again, his mind was lost in thought. After a few meters, he heard that voice again. The voice seemed to come from far away, it sounded like a woman’s voice. Suddenly Jacob saw the park around him changing. The trees became very tall and with dark trunks like coal, the stars disappeared from the sky which became of a deep blue. The atmosphere was so creepy. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was at that moment that he saw.....(Adriano B.)
...a woman. She stood just in front of him and he couldn't but stop. The woman wore a black old and torn dress. Her skin was so white and her long black hair covered her face. Jacob was paralyzed with fear.The woman stood there, motionless. As soon as he heard her speak again, Jacob startled. That voice was shockingly scary, so he pulled up all his strength and... (Leonardo E.)
....kept on muttering :"It's not her, Jacob! It's not her! Don't be a fool!" He looked up in hesitation, but that figure of a woman was no longer there. It had faded away.He was now alone with his sorrow. How could it be that after more than a year the painful memory of Sarah could still affect him in such a way? He felt as it he had been struck dead. His knees trembled and had the feeling he couldn't even go another step further, when he heard somebody say: "Is everything ok?" "Do you need any help?" (Stefania Gioffre')
As soon as he heard those words he collapsed on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably like a child who had just woken up from a horrible nightmare. Deep down he was embarrassed and humiliated at his actions, but right then and there he only felt an overwhelming sadness, a feeling of helplessness and anger at himself, feelings he thought he had finally overcome, but it was not so.
The stranger didn't say a word, but only knelt beside Jacob and pressed a soothing hand on his back. After a few minutes the sobs subsided, and finally Jacob took a deep breath and looked up to see who had patiently waited for him to overcome his breakdown. To his surprise it was a young woman who he guessed to be about his own age, 25, or perhaps a little younger. She was pale and slim, with a kind smile, big blue eyes and a splash of freckles scattered on her nose. Her blonde hair was tied back into a short ponytail, a few stray locks whipping her face in the cold wind. He was stunned at her beauty, but more so at the words she spoke next.
'' What did you see? Oh, don't look so surprised. This place tends to have this effect on people, but no one can ever seem to remember what they get so worked up about.''... (Bianca Z.)
...The words whispered by the young woman sounded familiar. He had the impression that the girl could understand his pain and guilt. She was right, that park, although apparently frightening, and disturbing, somehow made him reflect, as it had never happened before. The voice of that girl gave him a sense of protection. He felt safe. So he went over his memories and...(Lucrezia D.P.)
started talking with the young woman about Sarah and he remembered all the lovely moments he had spent with her and the feeling of emptiness without her. The young woman nodded and approached Jacob’s ear to say only a few words “I understand you” before going away. It was now time for Jacob to return to home, the place had become dark and gloomy. The following day he kept on thinking about the “vision” and couldn’t forget the young woman’s words. The sunset was near. Jacob jumped in his Range Rover and headed back home. He still had the sense of emptiness, when he opened the door and didn’t find Sarah waiting for him. He was about to drive off, when he saw something like a piece of paper under the windscreen wiper.......(Giorgio B.)
"I would like to see you again. Meet me tomorrow at six at Dino's. You didn't ask. My name is Barbara." He smiled. How rude of him. He was so full of resentment, that he had forgotten how to behave properly. He thought about her gentle words, her sweet lips and those lovely dimples in her cheeks, which appeared as soon as she attempted to a smile. That smile, it had been like a breath of air. By the way, there was something familiar in her, but he couldn't understand what. Just a feeling. Yes, he would meet her. Tomorrow, at six. (Stefania Gioffrè)
The next day he went to the appointment. He was looking forward to seeing her again. He dressed with care, as it had not done for a long time. He also used a cologne water. As he was preparing, he noticed that for the first time, after a long time, he was paying more attention to his look, as he hadn’t done for a long time. That girl had had such a positive effect on him that he could hardly believe it. He reached the meeting place early, sat down at the table and waited. He looked at his watch every minute, anxious and worried at the same time; what if she did not come? As he waited, the door of the room opened and she appeared. Beautiful, like a cloud lit by the rays of the sun. His eyes brightened.......(Lucrezia D.P.)
and his heart was beating as if he was running for a relay race. He knew that he was in love with her; after only one day that they hadn't seen each other, he had missed her and wanted her only for him. Her eyes talked. You could see that there was attraction between them and they completed each other. He noticed that she had a bright red long dress that reminded him of Sarah. He had cancelled all the moments with her and could only think about this young beautiful woman. They kissed each other on their cheeks and they both blushed for the embarrassment as if they were children. They talked all night long about everything. At the end of the night they kissed. Jacob felt she was the right choice. Barbara was the woman he was looking for. Jacob was at ease with her, he felt at home. He thought about that day when nothing seemed to be going as it should, the day when this woman had appeared out of the blue.
After a few weeks Barbara moved in. They were still sleeping when a knock at the door woke them up. It was Sarah. When Jacob opened the door he was shocked ."Sarah?". Like a ghost, she was right before him, pale, trembling, with a sweet look in her eyes and a timid smile. She seemed like a bird who had find her way back home after a long, tiring journey.
"Who is it?" It was Barbara's voice.
The smile quickly disappeared. Sarah understood and left without saying anything.
Jacob watched her go away. He felt nothing, well, maybe he was sorry for her. This was all .
"Who was is Luv ? Barbara has reached him and kissed him warmly.
"Nobody" He said.
"Just a ghost" He took her by her hand and closed the door.