"Story 2 2A"


It was a dark and mysterious day in September and my son hadn't returned yet.
My husband was at work, so I was all alone at home. It was very cold inside the house, so I went out to get some wood and lit the fireplace. Suddenly the fireplace went out...(Federico G.)
I stood there for a moment to understand how it was possible. Then I remembered: I had left the door open. When I went to close it, I saw a boy on the roadside. The boy was strangely standing and staring at me. I asked him what he was doing there and he replied that he had lost his way. So I invited him to come in, but as he got closer, I imagined he looked more and more my like son, Jack, but since he said he had lost his way, he couldn't be Jack. I offered him some warm tea and I asked him his name and he answered: JACK ...
(Gabriele Pizzo)
My heart stopped for a moment. Could it be just a coincidence? But he was so much alike my son! He said he had to go to the toilette and went there straight without even asking where it was. He couldn't be but Jack, but why did he behave as if we were strangers? When he came back I attempted to hug him, just to understand if he recognized me, but he gentgly dodged. In that moment Tom, my husband, came back. He was sweaty and had a mysterious look. I noticed he had something in his hand: it was a syringe (Daniele L.)
Tom was a nurse,but that syringe. What did it mean? I asked him how hisday had gone. He was silent. He stared at me with wide eyes. Suddenly he grabbed Jack by the arm and when I realized he was just about to use that strange syringe on the boy, I stopped his hand and managed to run away with him. I didn't understand what had happened to Tom, but he seemed wild. I got into the car with Jack and drove to Jack 's school, my real son Jack. When I got there, I said to the secretariat I needed to get Jack with me that moring before time, but the janitor told me that Jack had not come that day, but, rather, he gently remarked that Jack was there near me. So I wasn't the only one who saw that that kid looked the same as my son.(Gabriele P.)
I didn’t understand what was happening, I was in a state of panic. Why was Tom holding a syringe? And why had he tried to stab that boy who seemed like Jack? I though that maybe I was the crazy one and I was imagining everything.
I decided to drive back home. My husband wasn’t there. I started looking for him in my block but he was gone.I came back inside my house and decided to call the police and file a report for a missing person. I was very worried for Tom. The young boy started to go around the house, until he went into Jack’s room and was going to try his clothes on. I was very confused and scary. Why would he do such a thing?
The police finally arrived and they brought me and the boy to the police station, and when they asked who the boy was, I said that he was my son because I didn’t want to freak anyone out. (Camilla A.)
The young boy looked me strangely as the detective asked me other questions. When the detective finished to ask me questions, Jack and I went home hoping the detective would find something. In the afternoon the detective called me, and told me that he had found a syringe near the house. I explained him that my husband had come home with this syringe in his hand and that he had tried to stab Jack: " How is It possible?" He asked." A father who tries to kill his own son! How strange" he said. I was frightened and worried for having told a lie about my son Jack, so I went directly to the detective to tell him that the boy who was with me was not my real son, but a boy who looked a lot like him (Alessio T.)