"Story 3 2A"


The day was cloudy and sad. The sky was dark altought it was 10 in the morning.
It was foggy and I couldn't see almost anything by the window.The house was very untidy and cold. I didn’t understand how it could have happened, I was dazed and all in my mind was confused. (Arianna R.)
I started to tremble because of the cold that came from the wide open window.
I stood up and moved slowly towards the window to close it, but suddenly a strange sound stopped me from doing it. I turned. I didn't dare to see what was behind me.
I sighed in relief when I noticed that it was only Cookie, my cat, behind me. She was lying on the sofa where I was just before, so I turned, but I saw that the window that was previously open was now closed.
That was very strange, how was it possible? I was scared but I decided to go upstairs to look for another blanket, because I started to feel very cold. I found it in a box, still unpacked because I had moved in only five days before. In that silence I heard a faint creaking. It couldn't be Cookie this time. In the darkness I heard ........(Camilla Altieri) footsteps coming towards me in the dark. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t think clearly. What could I do? Running away? Hiding somewhere? Asking for help? I remained still as if paralyzed. I thought I had nothing I could use as weapon, everything was still packed in the boxes. I decided to attempt a step forward. Silence. Another step. Silence. Another step... and suddenly I saw a shadow. It wasn’t moving. It seemed like a body hanging from the chandelier with a rope round his neck...(Laura M.)
I didn’t know what to do. Maybe there was someone else in the house. I ran towards the body to check if he was still alive so that I could save him. I could hear his slow heartbeat. He was alive. I went into the kitchen to grab a knife and cut the rope, but when I had the knife in my hand the door suddenly closed behind me and the light went off. I stood still for a moment but something hit me on the head. I fell onto the ground but I did not faint, so I waited, pretending to have lost consciousness. I silently waited for the person that had hit me to go away........(Daniele L.)
I remained on the ground for a long time, perhaps for hours, until my cat, Cookie, came looking for me as it was hungry. It was meowing and trying to call me with its paw. Since I had fallen onto the ground I had not heard any noise and so I decided to get up silently. I poured some crunchies Cookie's bowl. As I moved, I saw myself reflected on the mirror and noticed a big cut on my forehead, I must have got it with the fall. I needed to disinfect my wound, and while I was for something in the kitchen, I heard a knock on the door. I was terrified. I didn't want to go and see who it was. After a few minutes of silence, I heard a that scary knock again. So I took all my courage and decided to get close slowly. I was shaking. When I arrived in front of the door, I looked through the peephole and I was surprised to see ...(Arianna R.)
No one. There was no one. I started to think that maybe it was all in my head. Maybe there has never been a body hanging from my chandelier, maybe it was all a nightmare. Unluckily though, that wasn’t the reality. I decided to call the police, I thought that it was the only thing I could do. Si I went upstairs and started searching for my phone, the only problem was that I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was sure I left it on my nightstand, but it was gone. I started to panic. I couldn’t breathe, and I felt like the room was spinning around me, I was terrified and paralysed.
It was time to run away. I ran to my front door but it was locked and my keys were nowhere to be found. Every window was also locked and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t open any of them. The only option was to break the glass of my biggest window, but a noise distracted me.. (Camilla A.)