"Story 2 4B"


John hates night shifts at the police district. Yor are forced to drive alone for hours
waiting for some news that always turns out to be something bad. It was around
3:30 AM when a strange communication arrived: an unidentified vehicle had crashed
near the port. John hurried to get there, when he saw ...(Simone Rocchetti)
.... dark smoke and fire covering the city. There were two other police cars just behind him." It must be something serious" said to his mate Patrick. He nodded silently. The city was in chaos. Every single fireman was there to help. When he got off the car, he heard a man say that a large oil tanker had come too close and crashed against the quay, because of the strong wind causing a violent explosion...(Andrea Ottaviani)
"This explosion cannot be an accident," said John to his partner Patrick, while they were watching helplessly the flames that heaved the port. A loud noise of a burst interrupted the screams of fear. It seemed to come from downtown this time and it was even more violent than the first. "There's something wrong going on!" exclaimed as he got into the car. The two were heading to the city center, when.....(Simone Rochetti), they saw a woman crawling right in the middle of the street . She was screaming with pain. As soon as they saw the woman, they opened the door and got out of the car. The two called for help, but nobody answered, so they rushed to help the woman, who was in shock. they looked around. it seemed as if time had stopped. The two took the woman into the car and drove her to the hospital. The city was in chaos. The hospital was full of people. All the doctors were there to help. " Just in time" said one of them, as he saw the woman bleeding so much. Suddenly all the lights in the city went out.. (Niccolò Braccini)