"Story 3 4B"

19504_rain man.jpg

She was in a library studying for her exams, when she realized it had started to rain. It was a soft light rain at first, but it soon became heavy. She wanted to wait until it would calm, but it was dark already and she had to go home. Then she put all her things in her bag and moved towards the door. She put on her hood and she was about to walk in the rain, when she felt a hand grab her arm. She turned and saw a man with an umbrella in his hand....(Maria Zavaliche)
She didn't look up when he said “Hi” with a sweet and melancholy tone, but she recognized him right away. It was like a pain in the gut and her eyes were fillied with tears. There were a few seconds in which the silence was broken only by the delicate sound of the falling raindrops. Suddenly she hugged him. She couldn’t say anything, even if there were thousands of thoughts passing through her mind. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but wonder: why was he there? (Giada Fiorini)
The man gently asked her: "how old are you"? Those words made the girl burst into tears. He was sorry for that. He could feel, she was trembling. He sweetly called by her name: "Helen, look at me!" Only when she heard her name, the word "Dad" came naturally out of her mouth. She turned her face, looked him in his eyes and hugged him so tight, as if she feared he could vanish away like a dream. It was her Dad. He was back. (Andrea Ottaviani)
It was like one of those endless hugs you never have enough. “I can’t believe my eyes!” she said while the tears fell on her cheeks. Since he left for the war, they had not heard from him. They thought he was dead...but this no longer mattered...he was there. With a gentle motion, he took a picture out of the inside pocket of his jacket. He showed it to his daughter and said: “This is what kept me alive. You and your mother. My family.” So, hinting a smile, Helen told her dad that there’s something he needed to know about his wife. (Rebecca V.)