"Story 1 Secrets and Lies"


Mrs Amanda lay on the ground in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife in her hand. This was the scene that Inspector White saw, when he entered in the Smiths' kitchen. A few months earlier Mrs Amanda had visited her dear cousin Elena and she had confessed her relationship with Mr Smith and apparently Amanda had not taken it very well….(Valentina C.)
“I want to ask some questions to Mrs. Elena and Mr. Smith, is it possible?” The ispector asked to his associate and he answered: “Mr. Smith is waiting in the livingroom, but the lady had run away in the night”. Mr. White thanked him and went to the livingroom: Mr. Smith was sitting on an armchair and his housekeeper was standing near him. When the man saw the ispector he cried:“I'm innocent! I didn’t kill Elena!” The woman tried to calm him.“Can we talk?” asked Mr. White to the Housekeeper “Uhm… Yes, we can". While They walked in the garden White asked her “How is Mr. Smith?” “He is scared.” She answered “The master is a good person, he is loved by all the women in the town", “ Was Amanda in love with him?” “Yes she was! And she was jealous of Elena and Smith's realtionship" Mr. White observed suspiciously the housekeeper “And What about you? Are you in love with him?” the woman blushed “Oh no!I'm just his housekeeper!” she laughed…(Beatrice R.)