"Story 2 1a"


Mr. Johnson decided to go out for a walk in the middle of the night and took his dog Rusty with him. It was almost 1 am and no one was around. Very few people were outside at that time of the night in his neighbourhood. The walk went just fine, until after some minutes later, Rusty started acting strange. Apparently the man’s dog had seen something in an allyway on the right of Mr. Johnson. Johnson, not minding about the dog’s behaviour kept walking, however, it became quickly harder to hold the dog as he was trying to escape the leash, and when it did it, it started running towards the allyway, disappering into the dark. When Mr. Johnson found it, he stared at the dog in horror. He could not believe his eyes…(Simone V.)
Rusty was letting himself be caressed by someone else.That was strange......Rusty didn’t like anyone except me.It was happily wagging its tail at this man whose face he couldn’t see because it was covered by a hat. He was petrified. He seemed a very elegant man. Suddenly the man raised his head and he saw : his face! It was impossibile. It could not be real .The man .......was himself !!! They were the same person. Many questions crowded his mind, when the man all of a sudden spoke: “Here you are at last!” Caterina B.)