" Stoty 3 1A Another case for Mr Hunter"


It was an amazing morning and the view from my 14th floor on a blooming Central Park was awesome. I usually checked my morning mails while I was drinking my black coffee, before going out for my daily walk in the park. But that morning, while I was throwing away the advertising, I noticed something strange in the garbage. A weird letter that I had never seen before... (Caterina B.)
The letter was still unopened, and it was meant to be for me... I decided to open the letter and see what was inside it. The letter contained a weird message written with cut letters from various magazines, I started reading the content and it said, "Let's meet at Walker St. the 15th of April, at 9 pm. You might don't wanna miss this meeting, trust me, I'm sure you don't want anything bad to happen, am I right?". After reading the letter I immediately thought: "What a cliché, a threat message written in cut magazine letters...? What is this? a silly crime movie?" I said and laughed. The following day I went again throwing away some garbage and I was surprised to find another unopened letter, once again, addressed to me. I opened the letter, there was a new message. It said: "I see, you are a stubborn person. Well lemme tell you this again, you don't wanna lose this meeting unless obviously, you don't want to lose something much more important if you know what I mean." ...I was getting a bit worried now. (Simone V.)