"A Story (2)"


The girl ran. She ran blindly through the forest, with only the light of the moon to guide her, alone and afraid, cold and hungry. She ran fast, as fast as she could, even though she had nowhere to go. She ran, her bare feet cut and bleeding, her hair streaming behind her, a flash of bronze and titian tangling in the bare branches overhead. She ran without stopping, and each time she fell she got back up, once, twice, three times, again and again and again, more bruised and battered than before but still alive, still breathing. Still running. (Bianca Z.)
She didn't know where to go but she knew what would’ve happened to her if she had stopped. She continued running even if she didn’t know whether she was going in the middle of the forest or out of it. She truly hoped for the second one.She should have listened to that old and ugly woman, but she had laughed at her only because she wanted to be cool with those guys.”The guys”, she realized, ”where are they?”but she couldn’t think about their safety too, at least they were in group, while she was alone. She only had to do one thing: run.(Federico T.)
It seemed really so absurd expecially if she thought that only a few hours before, she was carefree with her friends at that rave party. She had been waiting for that party for days and now. Thoughts flew swiftly as she ran, like flashes, and even if she was tired and her left foot hurt, she still kept a clear mind; she could not understand how...(Lucrezia D.P.)
.....she had been convinced to leave the party. She should never have done it. Her only fault was that she had fallen in love with that boy, Andrew. He had persuaded her to go with him to a hut not too far away that seemed to have been abandoned. She didn't feel in danger and so she followed him. They had talked and laughed for a while, when that old women appeared out of nowhere. She yelled at them to go away and then she disappeared in the thick wood near the little house. Of course, they had left the place immediately but as soon as they opened the door to rejoin the group .....(ADRIANO B.)
they could see only the corpses of their friends, as if the they were sleeping a sleep of death. The warm bodies laid there in a pool of blood. The girl was speechless, then in a faint voice she asked:" Andrew, what shall we do?". But even the boy was at loss. One thing was sure, they had to escape as soon as possible, but when they rushed out the door, they saw big letters hanging on a tree. The letters were drawn with blood, as if somebody had wanted to warn them. The letters formed the word: “run”. And this is what they did, they ran, even if they didn't know where to go, they desperately ran as fast as they could, till they could hear some noises. It seemed they came from the end of the forest. They attempted to move to that direction but a strange form materialized just before them. It was the ugly old woman. Her smell penetrated into the young girl’s nose and made her feel sick. Only when he girl lifted her head, she realized that the boy, she had fallen in love with, had managed to escape and had left her alone with that witch.The woman took her by the arm and reached a house in the middle of the forest. Once inside, she pushed her to the ground and the last image she could remember was the knife the woman was about to stab her with.
It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning. She had woken up late that day, but she felt strangely fatigued and nervous. Maybe it was because of the long awaited party, which would have taken place that evening. She would have met Andrew, there,the boy she had been secretly in love for more than a year.
It was about 7:00 p.m.. "Are you ready, Jane?" Yes, Dad, I'm coming!" She gave herself a quick look at the mirror. She was so pretty in that red dress she had bought right for the purpose. She was sure Andrew would have noticed her that night.
Her father had offered to drive her to the party and when he saw his girl wrapped in that dress he thought : "She is a woman now!" He took her by her hand, kissed her cheek and exclaimed : " You look lovely, sweetheart!Let me help you put on your coat!"
When they arrived at the place, Jane kissed her father and got out of the car. Only, when she looked at the house, she had a strange feeling. She realized that it was just like the one of her terrible dream. She stood there motionless, staring at the door which opened slowly. The hostess invited her in. Those features! She looked so familiar! Now she understood : it was the old lady of her dream. But, had it been a dream?
She quickly turned her back to jump on her father's car, but the car wasn't there. He had left, when the hostess had opened the door. She could see only a dark and empty road before her. She was alone.
Then a cold voice, that voice, asked: "Won't you come in......Jane?"