"A Story (3)"


Gary, a police inspector, arrived at home after an endless day of hard work. As soon as he opened the door, he noticed something weird. He saw two notes on a table. On the first piece of paper there was written the name of his wife and a strange picture of a padlock. On the second one there was a telephone number. He was shocked. After a few seconds the phone started to ring. (Matteo E.)
That ringing made him startle. He ran, with his heart in his throat and grabbed the phone: “Hello, hello shouted Gary, who is speaking? “ and again “Hello, Jennifer, is it you Jennifer ?” Silence. Then a sigh, a click and the telephone communication was interrupted. (Lucrezia D.P.)
Gary was confused, a series of questions, like blows took possession of his mind.He had to sit down on the armchair. He was exhausted.
What did the two notes mean? Who had put them there? But above all, who was sighing on the other end of the line ?Gary wanted answers, but the tiredness was stronger than his determination.His eyelids, second after second, became heavier and heavier and then: darkness. (Simone C.)