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11/10/2018 On the Necessity of
Homework (again)
Second Grade Roaming here and there on the internet I have actually realized that the homework issue is not only Italian but it has become a trend topic all over the world.I had already dealt with this subject a ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'
11/10/2018 “On the Necessity of
Second Grade Only few day ago I was a kind of intrigued by an article I read on Alexander Atkins‘s blog Bookshelf, which recited “Too much homework is bad for students“. Being a teacher I had already ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'
11/10/2018 Five alternatives to
Second Grade Some tips for my ..... continue reading BBC LEARNING ENGLISH
09/10/2018 Beowulf ( animated epic) Third Grade Beowulf animated epics ..... continue reading YOUTUBE
06/10/2018 Myths, heroes
Third Grade I've always enjoyed reading stories about myths, legends, courageous men ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country or even only for the beauty of a woman. The main actors of these ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'
02/10/2018 Magic spells Third Grade If, as Alice Hoffman is everywhere quoted, “Books may well be the only true magic,” then she is only following a tradition that has been acknowledged in all literate cultures: writing is magic, ..... continue reading CHRIS LOVEGROVE
28/09/2018 That Woman! Fifth Grade I don’t know about you, but whenever I finish a book and particularly if I took pleasure in that read, I feel a sort of “dissatisfied satisfaction”, that is, I feel that I would have enjoyed a ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'
28/09/2018 The Loss of Innocence Fifth Grade If one the typical characters of Jane Austen’s novels were to leave for any reason the pampered life of a good, refined but secluded society made of balls, laces, tittle-tattle, great ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'
28/09/2018 The incredible story of
Oliver Cromwell’s head
Fourth Grade I guess King Charles II was not the “turn the other the cheek” or “let’s bury the hatchet” sort of man. No, indeed. I may understand that once back from his exile in France, he wished to ..... continue reading STEFANIA GIOFFRE'